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Episode 38: Spying for the Kaiser with Dr Vivien Newman


The WFA's Dr Tom Thorpe interviews Dr Vivien Newman about Regina Diana and espionage in France.  LINK TO > Mentioned in Dispatches

Secrets in a Dead Fish


By Melanie King Bodleian Library, 2014. ; £8.99, 102 pp, inc Glossary and Notes ISBN 978-1-85124-260-3 Book review by Barbara Taylor This small volume is sub-titled The Spying Game in the First World War. ‘Game’ might be a word that springs to mind when reading this book. To modern eyes, with Facebook, GPS devices and sophisticated digital means…

Tina Tamman - From the trenches to MI5


Joining us today is Tina Tamman who is speaking about her relatives journey from fighting in the trenches through to working within military intelligence for the embryonic MI5