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'Father Van Walleghem's Diary. The British Army in Flanders seen through Belgian eyes' by Dominiek Dendooven


Dominiek Dendooven of the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres will give a talk on Father Van Walleghem's Diary.  READ MORE: Newly Translated Diary of Father Achiel Van Walleghem. 

'Flanders 1917 - The Diary of Father Van Walleghem' by Dominiek Dendooven


Dominiek Dendooven will be giving a presentation on the diary of Father Van Walleghem.   Father Van Walleghem was a village priest living at Reninghesit, west of Ypres. During the First World War he kept a detailed record of day to day events and attitudes. He was kept very well informed by the officers lodging in his presbytery. He witnessed and…