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Western Front 100 Seminar - 1917: Becoming the Senior Partner?


The Suffolk Branch of the Western Front Association are proud to present a six-year-long centenary event comprising six inter-connected annual seminars with excellent guest speakers.   For 1917: Becoming the Senior Partner?, the fourth in the series, we are proud to present: Professor Alexander Watson 'Turning Point: The War Beyond the Western F…

'Chemin des Dames and the French Mutinies 1917' – A talk by Tony Taylor-Neale


Tony Taylor-Neal will be talking about the Chemin des Dames   Requested entrance donation £3 with an optional buffet for £1.50.   IMAGE: The devastated village of Soupir, May 1917. 

'The other first day on the Somme. The success of the French Sixth Army 1st July 1916' by Bill McCormick


Bill McCormick will give a talk on the success of the French Sixth Army on the First Day of the Somme.   We meet at the White Horse Inn, Trowse on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm.

Mutiny to Victory – The French Army of 1918 by Francois Wicart


A talk in two parts by branch member François Wicart. He will look at the mutiny in the French army in 1917 and Pétain's actions to repair and prepare it for future offensive action followed by an analysis of the results of the French successes in the 1918 fighting. François is a French national who studied at both French and British universities b…