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'The Battle of The Aisne, Chemin des Dames & The French Mutiny' - Talk by Philip Stevens


Philip Stevens is a former army officer and author of The Great War Explained, a beginners guide to the Great War which is now in it’s third edition. An experienced tour guide whom the historian Professor Sir Anthony Seldon writes "...simply brilliant. I have never been on any trip, anywhere with a better informed, more passionate or magnetic spea…

Mutiny to Victory – The French Army of 1918 by Francois Wicart


A talk in two parts by branch member François Wicart. He will look at the mutiny in the French army in 1917 and Pétain's actions to repair and prepare it for future offensive action followed by an analysis of the results of the French successes in the 1918 fighting. François is a French national who studied at both French and British universities b…