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'The Royal Artillery August 1914' with Geoff Spring


Geoff Spring has been a regular speaker at this branch over the years and we are pleased to welcome him back. On this occasion we will hear about 'The Royal Artillery on 1st August 1914 - Mortars, Railway Guns and Howitzers'. Members and guests are welcome to attend - doors open c13.45. We do ask for a donation of £3 to cover room hire etc.    …

'The Artillery of the British Expeditionary Force 1918: Ground-based Air Defence' by Geoff Spring


Geoff Spring's presentation describes the threat to the BEF from German air attacks and the weapons, anti-aircraft guns and searchlights used to deter, damage or destroy enemy aircraft. The talk concludes with the defeat of the night bombe and the last flight of the Red Baron.

‘The BEFs Artillery 1917: Artillery Gas’ a presentation by Geoff Spring


A talk which explores the BEF's experience of war in 1916 and the development of gas as an artillery weapon to demoralise the Germans and concludes with how the British Artillery weakened the Germans prior to the Battle of Messines.

'The First Battle of Britain (1917-18): Gotha Bombers Attack London’ by Geoff Spring


German Gotha bomber campaign waged on South East England between June 1917 and May 1918. It also examines the British response, the creation of the London Air Defence (LADA) system, which defeated the threat. The talk also demonstrates how the experience gained during this 1917-18 campaign facilitated the creation of the command and control system …

'The Royal Garrison Artillery 1899-1923-Part 1 Port Defence' by Geoff Spring


We are pleased to be able to welcome Geoff Spring back to the branch for the latest in his long running series on aspects of artillery.   On this occasion, Geoff will be giving a talk on the Royal Garrison Artillery 1899-1923 Part 1 Port Defence.   The lecture describes one of the RGA’s roles namely defending the British Empire’s naval bases a…

'Royal Garrison Artillery 1899-1923: Part 1 Port Defence' with Geoff Spring


A brief history of the Royal Artillery - Why the Royal Artillery, in 1899, split into two Corps, the Royal Field Artillery and the Royal Garrison Artillery.The impact of:-Technology on the threats from enemy navies attacking the Royal Navy in Ports.The 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War.The British State’s Policy for defending the British Empire’s Ports.As…