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7th WFA President’s Conference 'German Spring Offensives' - 2 June 2018


7th WFA President’s Conference 'German Spring Offensives'      Speakers:  Dr. Jonathan Boff: Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria and the German Spring Offensive 1918 Dr. Jim Beach: British Intelligence and the German Spring Offensive.  Dr. Alison Hine: Manpower Issues in early 1918 Chris Baker: The Battle for Flanders: German Defeat on the Lys…

'Gough's Fire Brigade - the role of the cavalry in resisting the German 'Michael' Offensive in March/April 1918' with Nick Howgill


Nick Howgill will give a presentation on the use of cavalry by Gough during the German Spring Offensive of 1918.  On 21 March 1918 the Germans launched the first of their so-called “Spring Offensives”, Operation Michael, against the British Fifth and Third Armies, holding the southern end of the British front in France.  A substantial part of the …

'The Beginning of the End – the German Spring Offensive 1918' by David Dunham


David will speak about the early gains the Germans achieved in the spring of 1918. A well researched talk about the nature of the battle and how the Allies responded to the German advances.

'The Aisne Again: May 1918 - The Essence of Blitzkrieg' a presentation by David Blanchard


David Blanchard will give a presentation titled 'The Aisne Again: May 1918 - The Essence of Blitzkrieg'.   The talk will examine the German Blucher Offensive launched in May 1918 against the Chemin Des Dames and the Aisne.

The Royal Flying Corps and Operation Michael


This season gets underway with a talk on "the Royal Flying Corps and Operation Michael" by branch member Phil Clare. It is some time since we had an RFC subject and, of course, the branch centenary project looked in detail at Rex Warneford of the RNAS. The period of the German Spring Offensive was a critical time in France and Flanders and much of …

Nobody of Importance - an OBLI Soldier's War


This month Phil Sutcliffe visits to tell us about his father's war. Part 1 will cover the earlier stages of the war including gallipoli and then Part 2 takes us through to the end of the war. Phil's father was captured in the German Spring Offensive and this complement;s last month's talk on the RFC during this period.   All members and guests ar…

'Operation Michael' a talk by Rob Thompson


The German Spring offensive which commenced on 21 March 1918 has long been regarded as a master-stroke by General Ludendorff - and one that nearly won the war for the Germans. In this talk the very popular Rob Thompson will take a highly critical look at this famous battle and discuss its planning, preparation and execution. Rob will explain why it…

How the War Ended by Sir Hew Strachan


In the first half of 1918 the Germans launched five offensives in the west, and by July the German empire was at its greatest ever extent. With the US entry to the war, the allies know they could win if they could hold out long enough.  They might win the war in 1919, or at worst in 1920.  In the event the Germans signed an armistice on 11 Novemb…