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'Germany and Austria after the War' with Susan Pearson


Susan Pearson will be giving a presentation on Germany and Austria after the First World War.    IMAGE: The Allied Occupation of Austria 1918. A sentry of the 2nd Battalion, Honourable Artillery Company, and an Italian sentry of the Alpini outside Headquarters at Imst, Austria. December 1918. © IWM (Q 26319)   © 2017 - Gwent Western Front Ass…

The Emperors: How Europe’s Rulers were destroyed by The First World War


By Gareth Rusell Amberley Publishing, 2015, £9.99, 227pp, soft covers; illustrated plus notes, bibliography and index Also available in hardback. ISBN 978-1-4456-5020-0 Book review by Barbara Taylor   To understand how the First World War came about, it is necessary to understand the way in which regimes in the main empires involved operated. …