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'The First Battle of Britain (1917-18): Gotha Bombers Attack London’ by Geoff Spring


German Gotha bomber campaign waged on South East England between June 1917 and May 1918. It also examines the British response, the creation of the London Air Defence (LADA) system, which defeated the threat. The talk also demonstrates how the experience gained during this 1917-18 campaign facilitated the creation of the command and control system …

'Rikki' Little: Australia's Greatest Ace


As the ‘Camel’ pilot approached dark shape in the gloom of the late May evening, he recognised it as a Gotha bomber – one of those that had been reported in the area that evening. Captain Robert Little - ‘Rikki’ to his comrades at 203 Squadron - could make out enough of the enemy machine in the moonlight to be confident that he would be able to bri…