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'Navy take to the Air' a talk by Graham Kemp


Dr Graham Kemp will be giving a talk about the role of the Navy in the development of the Air Force. 

'How the 10th Cruiser Squadron won the War' by Dr Graham Kemp


  During the First World War the 10th Cruiser Squadron operated the Northern Patrol checking trade routes to Germany. Dr Graham Kemp explains their role.  

‘The American Expeditionary Force 1917-1918’ by Dr Graham Kemp


Dr Graham Kemp will be giving a talk on the American Expeditionary Force 1917-1918.   IMAGE: The US Army in Britain, 1917-1918 Column of American troops passing by the Buckingham Palace, London.

'Austro Hungarian War 1914-18. The Great Debacle' by Graham Kemp


Graham Kemp Austro Hungarian War 1914-18.  The Great Debacle A new talk by our Branch Chairman and Graham's talks are always informative and invariably humour plays its part. The story starts in 1914 with the breath-taking arrogance and incompetence of AH army, from which it only gets worse.  Only the equally incompetent actions of her enemies w…