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'Horace Lockwwod Smith Dorrien', a talk given by by Arthur Aston


Smith Dorrien had to fight at Mons almost immediately after taking over for the deceased Grierson. Despite his generalship there and at Le Cateau, he fell foul of the vindicitive Sir John French. Ultimately the ineffective CO of the BEF found a spurious way to sack Smith Dorrien after 2nd Ypres. Arthur Aston considers the loss of this General to…

'Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien' by Arthur Ashton


  Arthur Ashton will talk about General Sir Horace Smith Dorrien. Smith Dorrien somehow survived the slaughter by the Zulus at Islandwana prior to the siege of Rorke's Drift. His survival in 1879, meant he was in command of II Corps and able to stem the German advance at Le Cateau during the retreat from Mons in 1914. Both gallant feats of arms. …

'General Sir Horace Smith Dorrien' a talk by Arthur Ashton


    Arthur Ashton will take to the floor and give the Lincoln branch WFA a talk on the enigmatic commander General Sir Horace Smith Dorrien. Maligned by General John French commander of the BEF his illustrious career was brought to a sharp end after the disastrous action at 2nd Ypres in 1915. Meeting at the Sobraon Barracks on Burton Road the do…