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10 October : ‘Demographic evolution of the population of Ypres, before, during and after the Great War’ with Pieter Trogh (IFFM)


The First World War had a far-reaching impact on the civilian population of and in Ypres. When the city saw the arrival of fighting armies in the autumn of 1914, thousands of refugees had sought refuge within its walls. After the First Battle of Ypres, the city remained in allied hands, but was systematically shelled. From the spring of 1915, the s…

30 January : ‘Reconstructing Flanders' fields after the Great War’ with Dries Claeys


Although the war damage in Belgium was nowhere near the scale of the French 'regions dévastées', the Belgian countryside as well had to be restored. This was particularly the case in Ypres and its surrounding areas. Passchendaele, Messines, Langemarck were only few of the villages that were completely wiped off the map. Refugees and policymakers …