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'The Indian Army in the First World War' a presentation by Major Gordon Corrigan MBE 8 March 2018


The Indian Army in the First World War - Major Gordon Corrigan MBE Thursday 8th March 2018, 6pm A free and open lecture at the University of Kent, organised by the Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded Gateways to the First World War project. The British Expeditionary Force that crossed to Europe in August 1914 was said, then and now, to b…

The Indian Army in the First World War


Editor Alan Jeffreys Helion, £35.00, 313pp, notes, refs, bibliog, index. ISBN: 978–191–151–278–3 The Indian Army raised some 1.4 million volunteers during the Great War of whom 53,000 died on various fronts. Although immediate interest in the role of the Indian Army after the Great War stimulated the publication of many books, copies of most of…

114: February 2019


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‘Terriers’ in India: British Territorials 1914-19' with Professor Peter Stanley


This is a change of speaker. In 1914 three divisions of Territorials volunteered to go to India to allow its regular garrison to go to the Western Front and Gallipoli. The 'Terriers' believed that Lord Kitchener had 'promised' that they would return to fight the Germans. In fact, many of them remained in India until late 1919, and many went from I…

The Indian Army on the Western Front: India’s Expeditionary Force to France and Belgium in the First World War


Cambridge University Press, £60.00, 335pp., bibliog, index. ISBN: 9–781–107–027–466  To subvert a review about a new book with lengthy opinions on a fifteen–year–old work on the same topic is almost certainly poor reviewer’s protocol. However, since the shelf of new books about the Indian Army is virtually bare I will ignore polite convention. Lik…

The Indian Corps on the Western Front Handbook and Battlefield Guide


[These reviews by John Battersby first appeared in Stand To! No. 104 September 2015 Special Edition. Available in the digital archive to WFA members]. The Indian Corps on the Western Front Handbook and Battlefield Guide by Simon Doherty and Tom Donovan, Tom Donovan Editions, Hardback: ISBN: 9–781–905–968–084 £35.00 plus p and p (also in paperback …

The Sons of John Company: The Indian & Pakistan Armies by John Gaylor


1903-1991 Parapress. 1996. Hardback, 379 pp., £19.99. ISBN 1898594 414.  [This review first appeared in Stand To! no.51 January 1998. It is one of over 2,200 reviews of books about the First World War which are available to search in the Stand To! archive by members of The Western Front Association]. This is a very welcome book.  The contributio…