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‘The Robin Hoods – Who were they?’ - by Jonathan D`Hooghe


      A brief look at the history of the 7th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (The Robin Hood Rifles) and a snapshot of the battalion at two points in time, Autumn 1915 and Spring 1918. Using death records at the Hohenzollern Redoubt in 1915 and for the German Spring Offensive of March/April 1918 we will look to see how the character of this Notti…

'The Robin Hoods: who were they?' - Jonathan D’Hooghe


Jonathan D'Hooghe will be looking at the social composition of the 7th Sherwood Forester's. Meeting at Sobraon Barracks on Burton Road in Lincoln the doors are open from 18.30. Free and ample car parking is available on-site. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available along with a bar for those who would partake in something a little stronger. So if …