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'Jutland - a Fresh Perspective' with Professor Andrew Lambert


Wessex Branch welcomes Professor Andrew Lambert on his first visit to the branch. Andrew's talk on the Battle of Jutland gives an audience refreshing and enlightening insights into this action, the only 'Dreadnought' fleet engagement of the war.   IMAGE: Jutland 1916. 

'The Fog of War - The Battle of Jutland 1916' a talk by Dr Scott Lindgren


Dr Scott Lindgren will be giving a talk on the Battle of Jutland. We meet at the White Horse Inn, Trowse on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm.     IMAGES: The Battle of Jutland, HMS Lion hit on Q turret, 1916. Credit: Image courtesy of the NMRN Portrait of Admiral Sir John Rushworth Jellicoe Credit: Image courtesy of NMRN. 

'Jutland 1916, Twelve hours to win the war' by Angus Konstam


Angus Konstam will be giving a talk about the Battle of Jutland. We meet in Edinburgh and in Glasgow. In Edinburgh at the Scots Guards Club, 2 Clifton Terrace and in Glasgow at the Worship Room on the ground floor. Meetings are held on a Sunday at 2.15pm for 2.30pm.  IMAGE: A map of the Battle of Jutland. Adapted from a work of the Department of…

‘Impressive in Futility' the German High Seas Fleet - by Prof John Derry


One of the reasons for growing Anglo-German antagonism before 1914 was the German decision to build a modern battlefleet, with the consequent Anglo-German naval race. Though the German High Seas Fleet was an excellent navy – well-trained officers and men, superbly designed capital ships and outstanding gunnery – it was never able to break the Royal…

053: September 1998


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