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'Retreat and Rearguard - Somme 1918 : The Fifth Army Retreat' by Jerry Murland


In this talk, branch member Jerry Murland will describe some of the desperate rearguard actions fought by the British, Irish, and South African troops of the Fifth Army as they retreated on the Somme during the German's Michael offensive between 21st March to 5th April. Since retirement from teaching, Jerry has spent much of his time researching an…

Best Love to All: The letters and diaries of Captain Eric-Rigby Jones, MC and Bar and his Experiences as a Young Officer with the Liverpool Pals on the Western Front in 1917 and 1918


Reviewed by Phil Curme. The soldier’s experience during the First World War is far from neglected. The number of biographical accounts and published diaries from the First World War so voluminous one might think, there is nothing left to be said. However, every soldier fought his own war and their stories are as varied as the personalities of the …

‘1918-2018: The End of the War and the Re-Shaping of a Century’ 6-8 September


‘1918-2018: The End of the War and the Re-Shaping of a Century’   This important and unique conference will be taking place between the 6-8 September 2018 at the University of Wolverhampton. Seven keynote addresses from some of the leading academic authorities on the First World War and its aftermath will be at the heart of the conference, alo…

'Operation Michael' a talk by Rob Thompson


The German Spring offensive which commenced on 21 March 1918 has long been regarded as a master-stroke by General Ludendorff - and one that nearly won the war for the Germans. In this talk the very popular Rob Thompson will take a highly critical look at this famous battle and discuss its planning, preparation and execution. Rob will explain why it…

111: March 2018


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