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'Larks Ascending', a talk given by Kate Willis


Kate Willis gives a broad survey of the war's effect on classical music and music's response to the conflict. The war also saw eminent musicians such as George Butterworth lose their lives. IMAGES: Collage of musicians inspired by the First World War. The Lads in Their Hundreds.the Music of World War I. Minesota Public Radio.  George Butterwort…

'Treading the Duckboards' a talk by Kate Willis


Kate Willis will be giving a talk titled 'Treading the Duckboards'. We meet on Saturdays at 1.15pm for 1.30pm in the Church Annexe, Church of St Mary the Lees, Bywater. 

'Lena Ashwell's Concerts at the Front' with Kate Wills


Kate Wills will be giving a presentation on Lena Ashwell's concerts at the Front.    IMAGES: Courtesy of the Picturing the Great War Blog from Mary Evans Picture Library. Music & Moral - Lena Ashwell and the healing power of concerts at the front.