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‘Mud, Blood and Wood’: BEF Logistics and Engineering during Third Ypres, 1917. A talk by Rob Thompson


The period from when the Somme battle officially ended to operation Alberich, the German retreat to the Hindenburg Line   This talk argues that the BEF could (perhaps even should) have made major gains during Third Ypres but that the battle bogged down NOT because of the mud but because of very poor BEF engineering organisation   IMAGE: Battle …

British Logistics on the Western Front, 1914-1918


Book review by L G Shurtleff. Dr. Brown gives us what we seldom see, but need to understand: the history of how the greatest army in Great Britain's history was supplied. This is not a story of quick and complete success in overcoming inertia and inexperience. Rather it is a story of trial and error and of a very steep learning curve. It is …

‘At the Top of the Curve? - The BEF Striding Towards Victory in 1918’ - 8 September


The Northumberland Regional Conference   Conference Chairman - Professor John Derry   PROGRAMME Colin Buxton (Branch member): ‘RAF involvement at the Battle of Amiens, 1918’ Andy Robertshaw (University College London): ‘Sinews of Victory! – Logistics & the 100 Days’ Richard van Emden (World War 1 Expert & Author): ‘1918: The Decisive…

'Great War Logistics' a talk by Rob Thompson


Rob Thompson will give a presentation titled 'Great War Logistics". His talk will cover the vital but often forgotten part played by logistics in the Great War.

'Ambrosia and Ulcers: Douglas Haig and BEF Logistical Development during the Great War' with Rob Thompson


Rob Thompson: Ambrosia and Ulcers: Douglas Haig and BEF Logistical Development during the Great War Facing his first mid-life crisis Rob took a degree in Politics & Contemporary history graduating with a First. It was there that he blindly stumbled into the world of military history and the Great War which he ended up teaching at the Universit…

An 'Historians Do Drink' Conference


The purpose of this conference is to encourage consideration of the role of Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig in the Allied Victory of 1918 Speakers Alex Churchill Haig and George V Peter Hart Douglas Haig: Britain's Greatest Commander in Chief ? Taff Gillingham    "Good God, did we really send men to fight …

The Lincoln & North Lincolnshire Branch Seminar 'First World War Seminar' : 29 September


The Lincoln & North Lincolnshire Branch of the Western Front Association are holding their '1918' Seminar on Saturday, 11 September at the The Leap Auditorium, Lincoln. Join us for an afternoon of 1918-themed presentations including a fascinating talk by our key speaker, the historian and TV presenter, Peter Barton. Tickets are priced at £20…

113: October 2018


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'Bullets, bombs and poison gas, the logistics of supply to the front line' by Dr Dave Rogers


Dr Rogers visits our Branch to discuss logistics supply. Armies need a massive amount of logistics of all types to remain in the field and this presentation will help understand this fact.

'Everything Bar the Shouting' with Rob Thompson


Rob is an expert on BEF logistics and engineering on the Western Front, and gives an overview on these essential tasks.  Image: This is photograph Q8829 from the collections of the Imperial War Museum. Q8829 IWM  

The Contemptible Little Army, 1914 -1918


By Alex Saunt   The story of the expansion and development of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) 1914-1918 and how the Contemptible Little Army became a huge, effective machine.   BEF AND THE START The possible conception: In 1904 King Edward, having decided our pretty frosty relationship with France should be improved, went to Paris with the…