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27 September 1918 Louise de Bettignies (alias 'Alice Dubois') died on this day


Also known as 'The Jean d'Arc of the North', Louise de Bettingnies was born on 15 July 1880 at St.Amand-les-Eaux. Although from a penniless background (the family fortune disappeared before she was born), she was well educated and eventually became a housekeeper to English and German families - learning the languages and discovering Europe in the p…

Cancelled....... "They Shoot Spies - the untold story of the first female agents" by Dr Viv Newman


In 2004, Dr Viv Newman was awarded a PhD for her thesis "Songs of Wartime Lives: Women's Poetry of the First World War" at Essex University. She was selected by the BBC for their "Expert Women" training and speaks widely about women in WW1 on local radio and at national and international conferences. Her talk "They Shoot Spies - the untold story o…