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'No Parades' – A song for the end of the World War I


Members of The Western Front Association might be interested in a new song, commissioned by 'Away from the Western Front', a charity which is looking at the First World War outside Western Europe – in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Macedonia, Libya, Tanzania and many other countries. The song is called ‘No Parades’.   It is in the style of a so…

'Mountains Mules & Malaria: the Salonika Force 1915-18' by Alan Wakefield


The Salonika Campaign is very much one of the forgotten episodes of the First World War. Regarded as an unwanted sideshow the British still committed 228,000 soldiers to a multi-national Allied force in the Balkans fighting the Bulgarians. This talk sheds light on the experiences of British soldiers serving in Macedonia between 1915 and 1918. Much …