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'The New Crusaders - The Americans at the Meuse-Argonne' a talk given by David Williams


The Battle of the Meuse-Argonne remains the single largest and bloodiest battle ever fought by the American Army.  The Americans suffered around 122,000 casualties, a figure increasingly challenged as a very conservative estimate, with a disproportionate loss rate in the first eight days.  With the bulk of American divisions never having seen actio…

28 October 1918 Cpl John Valentine Bildner was killed in action on this day


A machinist fro Aurora, Indiana, John was born on 31 August 1894. Drafted into service with the 159th Depot Brigade at Lawrenceburg, Indiana on 29 March 1918, he was trained at Camp Taylor, Kentucky, Camp Gordon, Georgia and Camp McKlellan, Alabama before embarking for the American Expeditionary Force in France on 16 June 1918. Whilst fighting in …

'The Americans on the Meuse-Argonne' by Peter Hart


The Americans on the Meuse-Argonne by Peter Hart   Peter Hart, Oral Historian at the Imperial War Museum. Peter studied at Liverpool University before joining the Sound Archive at the Imperial War Museum in 1981. He is now Oral Historian at the Archive.   IMAGE: This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Pho…

'American Expeditionary Force on the Meuse Argonne 1918' with Peter Hart


Peter Hart will give a presentation on the AEF in the Meuse Argonne in 1918.    IMAGE:A column of American troops marching past British soldiers resting on the side of the road, France, in 1917 or 1918. (CC) International Encyclopedia of the First World War. 

Devil Dogs Chronicle: Voices of the 4th Marine Brigade in World War I


Reviewed by Timothy Heck.  Works on the American participation in World War I are understandably harder to come by than those of their European counterparts. Books focusing on the experiences of one American unit are harder still. George B. Clark, in Devil Dogs Chronicle, has edited the memoirs, letters, and diaries of members of the 4th Marine Br…

'The Americans at Meuse-Argonne 1918' by Christina Holstein


About the talk: Involving 1.2 million US soldiers, the Meuse-Argonne Offensive (26 Sep - 11 Nov 1918) was the largest offensive in American history. It was also the AEF's bloodiest, resulting in around 27,000 US fatalities. Part of the "Hundred Days", it was one of a series of Allied attacks which brought the Great War to an end. Christina Holstein…