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'Monty's Mentor: Major General Sandilands' a talk by Terry Dean


The story of James Walter Sandilands who uses his pre-war experiences in fighting the Dervishes and Boers to quickly progress from Captain to Brigadier General on the Western Front. He gives his young Brigade-Major (Captain Montgomery) lessons and experiences he would never forget.   We meet at 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start.    IMAGES: James Wa…

'Comparing the Somme 1916 with Arras 1917' by Mike Coyle


Both battles, the Somme and Arras, were equally fierce, both with heavy losses, yet 100 years on The Somme lives in our consciousness, whilst few know of the Battle of Arras. The talk discusses possible conclusions.   IMAGES: Public Domain. Wikipedia. Ruins of the Hôtel de Ville, Arras 26 May 1917. Somme 25 September 1916. British troops moving…

'Comparing The Somme 1916 and Arras' 1917 by Mike Coyle


Mike Coyle - The Battles of the Somme and Arras compared   Mike is an experienced researcher and writer on Military History. His interest in Arras was sparked by the death of a Great Uncle at Arras in May 2017. He was concerned that few know of Arras whilst all know of The Somme. He has visited the Arras Battle sites several times.   A great de…

War Memorials - Fighting for Survival by Mike Coyle


A look at the meaning, significance and fate of War Memorials in the 21st Century, and at  current efforts to rescue, recover and relocate those in danger.   Find us at St Mary's Church, Station Road, Allerton Bywater, WF10 2DH. All meetings are open to non-WFA members, who always receive a warm welcome. There's tea and coffee on tap and a hear…

'Propoganda and Reportage' with Mike Coyle


MIKE COYLE  - “PROPOGANDA & REPORTAGE” Propaganda & Reportage The way that the war was reported, the people, the events, the facts, censorship, political control and more especially the way that reported stories were received at home, were not just for immediate consumption, they laid down the basis for social and historical research. Yet…

'Propaganda and Reportage: How the Press Reported the War and How the News Was Received at Home by Mike Coyle'


Propaganda and Reportage: how the Press reported the War and how the news was received at home.   A look at local and national reporting of the Battles and their aftermath: editorial, 'Spin' and conclusions drawn.