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'Messines Ridge' a talk by Niall Cherry


  Niall is an ex-RAMC soldier with a deep interest in the two major conflicts of the 20th century. He has published 8 books on these conflicts including, “Most Unfavourable Ground”, on the Battle of Loos. He has visited the Western Front on many occasions.   'Messines Ridge' - on 7 June 1917 a painstakingly planned attack is launched on Messines…

The Battle of Cambrai - Niall Cherry


Battle of Cambrai - Niall Cherry   Niall is a locally based amateur historian and regular visitor to branch meetings.  Plenty of the members will already have heard talks from Niall. The Battle of Cambrai, launched in November 1917, heralded the first time tanks were used in significant force.  This was a little over a year after they had made t…