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'Gough's Fire Brigade - the role of the cavalry in resisting the German 'Michael' Offensive in March/April 1918' with Nick Howgill


Nick Howgill will give a presentation on the use of cavalry by Gough during the German Spring Offensive of 1918.  On 21 March 1918 the Germans launched the first of their so-called “Spring Offensives”, Operation Michael, against the British Fifth and Third Armies, holding the southern end of the British front in France.  A substantial part of the …

'Waiting for the 'G' in Gap: British Cavalry 1914 – 1918' by Nick Howgill


Nick Howgill will now talk to us on the role of British Cavalry 1914-1918 in a talk entitled 'Waiting for the 'G' in Gap:  British Cavalry 1914 – 1918'