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'The Great Fire of Salonika' a talk given by Nigel Crompton


Nigel Crompton will be giving a talk on 'the Great Fire of Salonika, 1917'. Image: The fire as seen from the quay in 1917. 

‘Munitions Factories in the Great War’ a talk by Nigel Crompton


Nigel has been speaking on local history topics and other related subjects for over 35 years. His interest and love of local, family and military history stems from his family and teachers at school. He is a member of many organisations including the Western Front Association, the Gallipoli Association, Fire Heritage Network UK and several local hi…

'Ministry of Munitions Fire Brigade, HM Factory Gretna' with Nigel Crompton


Nigel Crompton of the Ox & Bucks branch is giving a talk called 'Ministry of Munitions Fire Brigade, HM Factory Gretna' on the 21/06/18 at The Devils Porridge Museum, Stanfield, Annan Road, Eastriggs, DG12 6TF. The subject comes from his Masters dissertation. For nearly a decade the only large motorised fire brigade in the Borders area came f…