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Commemorating the capture of Riqueval Bridge : 29 & 30 September


The Western Front Association Plaque commemorating the capture of Riqueval Bridge was removed earlier this year for refurbishment. It will be be restored to its brick plinth in a ceremony at the Riqueval Bridge at 4pm on Saturday 29 September This commemorates the capture of the bridge 100 years ago by a company of the 6th Battalion, North Staffor…

Branch AGM followed by Levinson Wood Snr 'The Fighting 5th - The Final Chapter'


Our branch AGM followed by a talk by branch member Levinson Wood Snr. The third in his series regarding the 5th North Staffordshire regiment's involvement in the First World War.

Postponed 'The Third Anglo Afghan War' by Dr Adam Prime


New date to be confirmed.   The Third Anglo-Afghan War is a conflict very closely tied to the First World War. Firstly, it occurred less than six months after the end of the Great War, as Britain and her Empire were still in a state of high mobilisation but distributed across the globe. The origins of the conflict are closely tied to the First Wo…