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'Women Ambulance Drivers on the Western Front 1914 – 1918' with Paul Handford MBE


The talk covers women’s experiences driving ambulances for the British, Belgium and French Armies on the Western Front during WW1.  The talk is complemented by many original, rare and wonderful photographs from Paul’s private collection, and also reflects on the Edwardian prejudices towards women and how their war experiences changed their lives. …

Rescheduled: 'Entente Cordially' a talk by Paul Handford


Join us for a fascinating talk by Paul Handford on the little-known subject of the British Volunteers serving in the French Army in the Vosges Mountains. The talk is the result of his detailed research and visiting the Vosges and highlight this unique and well preserved area. Hartmannswillerkopf - The Vosges (Photo: Chris Preston)         …