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'The Territorial Force 1908-1919' a talk by Dr Paul Knight


Dr Paul Knight is a freelance historian and Army Reserve Officer.  His publications include 'The British Army in Mesopotamia, 1914-1918' and 'Henry V and the Conquest of France, 1416-1453.  IMAGE: Soldiers of the Territorial Force, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment in the Isle of Man, 1908. Accession Number: K02917/70  

'The British Army in Mesopotamia' with Paul Knight


Dr Knight bases the talk on his book The British Army in Mesopotamia 1914-18, with his own insights from two operational tours in Iraq.  The talk focuses on the technological and tactical developments, the international dimension and relationship with other theatres of the war.

'The British Army in Mesopotamia' with Paul Knight


In this talk Paul Knight will explain why he thinks Mesopotamia – Iraq – was the greatest of the Great War's 'sideshows', being a far more successful campaign despite being overshadowed by both the Gallipoli and Palestine campaigns. He will examine the international dimension as well as technological and tactical developments including a successful…

MESOPOTAMIA CAMPAIGN 1914-1918 by Paul Knight


The Mesopotamia Campaign, fought in what is today Iraq, was the largest of the forgotten campaigns. Fought between November 1914 and October 1918 in constant contact with the enemy and in the worst of climates, the Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force (MEF) reached a maximum size of 440,000 men. Yet it is the least known of the Middle Eastern campaigns.…