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'Monty and Rommel in the First World War' with Dr Peter Caddick-Adams



The names and faces of Field Marshals Montgomery and Rommel are familiar to us all.

But what did they do in the First World War? How did they learn the trades of command and leadership?

Based on his book, Monty and Rommel: Parallel Lives, Peter Caddick-Adams will bring these two enigmatic characters to life in terms of their 1914-18 serv…

'A talk regarding his Grandfather' with Dr Peter Caddick-Adams - a


Dr Peter Caddick-Adams has lectured at the UK Defence Academy since 1999, where he worked under the legendary Professor Richard Holmes. He was educated at Shrewsbury School, Sandhurst and Wolverhampton University, gaining First Class Honours in War Studies; he received his PhD from Cranfield University. Peter is now widely regarded as the battl…