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At short notice due to the illness of Stephen Erskine; Phil will be speaking on his father's activities during WW1. Signaller Sam Sutcliffe fought on the front line in Gallipoli, the Somme and the Arras spring offensive and also covering  his time as a POW afterwards. We are grateful that Phil was able to stand in at such short notice and hope to …

'Gallipol, A Foot Soldier's First Battle' with Phil Sutcliffe


I'll read excerpts from my father's experiences – touching on the poor London childhood that 'made' the Tommy, then Summer 1914 and the enlistment fever that saw him join up in September, his terrible and even sometimes terribly funny experiences of the trenches at Gallipoli (Suvla Bay, V Beach with the 2/1 Royal Fusiliers), the Somme (including Ju…

CANCELLED - Nobody of any importance; a foot soldiers memoir of WW1 - Phil Sutcliffe


Due to the Coronavirus, all meetings have been cancelled until further notice. Please check the website for further information about the 2020 calendar of events.  The life and times of Signaller Sam Sutcliffe through his experiences at Gallipoli, the Somme, Arras, a P.O.W. and finally, his home-coming and the Peace Parade. Meeting at Sobraon Ba…

'My Father’s Memoir of a WW1 Tommy' with Phil Sutcliffe


Phil Sutcliffe will give a talk he calls 'My Father’s Memoir of a First World War Tommy'. IMAGES: Nobody of Any Importance. A Foot Soldier's Memoir of World War I by Sam Sutcliffe edited by Phil Sutcliffe.   

POSTPONED: 'Foot Soldier Sam's Great War - In His Own Words' by Phil Sutcliffe


Caption: British prisoners after the Spring Offensive (Courtesy: IWM)   Because of the present situation, all talks have been postponed indefinitely and no branch meetings will take place until further notice.   About the talk: Signaller Sam Sutcliffe’s son and editor Phil will read excerpts from his father's WW1 frontline experiences… but fi…