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'Combat Motivation at Gallipoli' with Professor Gary Sheffield 22 February FREE EVENT


Combat Motivation at Gallipoli: A Study in Military Sociology and Military History Professor Gary Sheffield, University of Wolverhampton. Morale and combat motivation of soldiers in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries remains a lively area of research for sociologists and historians. In this paper, drawing upon extensive primary research, G…

Commemorating the capture of Riqueval Bridge : 29 & 30 September


The Western Front Association Plaque commemorating the capture of Riqueval Bridge was removed earlier this year for refurbishment. It will be be restored to its brick plinth in a ceremony at the Riqueval Bridge at 4pm on Saturday 29 September This commemorates the capture of the bridge 100 years ago by a company of the 6th Battalion, North Staffor…

Commemorating the attack on Riqueval Bridge : one of the greatest battles fought by the British Army


The attack on the St Quentin Canal was one of the greatest battles ever fought by the British Army. Once taken, on 29 September 1918, the Riqueval Bridge became a vital supply line over the St Quentin Canal for artillery, tanks, trucks and men. Hear about the daring attack by Captain Charlton to take the bridge with nine men. Hear about the as…