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'Fallen Railwaymen of the Great War' a talk given by Barry Kitchenor


The talk details the Railways huge involvement during the Great War. It details how the railway directly affect the war effort in ways that are for the most part largely unknown. It touches on the logistical effort that the Railway contributed during the war years in both Men and Material. The talk then features a handful of Railwaymen and their c…

'Railwaymen in World War One' a talk given by David Wooliscroft


David Wooliscroft will give a talk on the railwaymen of the First World War.   IMAGE: The North Staffordshire Railway war memorial surrounded with wreaths shortly after the opening ceremony on 15 August 1922. Black Dwarf Lightmoor specialist publisher in Transport and Industrial History. 

'Fallen Railwaymen' then 'British POWs' by respectively, Barry Kitchener and Richard Lloyd


Two talks to be held at the Cumbria Museum of Military Life, Carlisle Castle.   Barry Kitchener will talk about 'Fallen Railwaymen of the Great War' while Richard Lloyd will give a talk on 'British Prisoners of War.