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'1917' Is this the 'film of the year' or a 'turkey'?


The hype around the new Sam Mendes film '1917' is building up. The film is due to be released in the UK on 10 January. Below is a long 'trailer' which WFA members may find interesting. (Hint: try watching in full-screen mode if you are viewing this on a desktop. To view in full-screen more, after pressing 'play' - click the icon in the bottom rig…

1917: Right Story, Wrong Location


The following piece, by military historian Andrew Rawson discusses the location implied in the new film '1917'. I am no fan of the majority of modern World War I films, because errors and inconsistencies with the facts irritate me. However, they do bring pleasure to a great many and even introduce new people to this important period of history. I …