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Stand To! 1-110 Contents    Stand To!  1 Spring 1981 Editorial Notes (Peter T. Scott) Serving members of the Western Front Association Early Days, New Paths and Acknowledgements Inaugural Meeting: John Terraine's Address. Historian John Terraine berates those who indulge in ‘purely tragic pilgrimages to the Western Front’. The Loving Care …

British Military Leadership in the First World War by John Terraine


(This lecture was given by John Terraine , the then Honorary President of The Western Front Association in 1991. It was later published in a 'Leadership & War' and published by The Western Front Association in 1998).  This is a subject  subject which has been  steeped in misunderstanding,  prejudice and pure mythology for over seventy years an…

'The Frocks and the Brass Hats' by Gordon Corrigan


Friction between politicians and military commanders is probably as old as warfare itself.  There has always been and always will be a conflict between defence and foreign policy, between them designed to keep the nation safe and great, and social spending, designed to keep the population contented and prosperous. While no one would deny that in a …