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'Sniping in the Great War' a presentation given by David Dunham.


David Dunham will be giving a talk on sniping in the First World War. You can read all about the 'hands on' style of his talk in his own words here - 'Great War Small Arms and Weapons'. 

Branch AGM and Members' Presentations


The Surrey Branch AGM normally takes about 20 minutes and is followed by members' presentations.  This year there will be three talks: Alan Leakey - The Army Service Gospel  Roger Learney - Guns / weapons focusing on snipers.  Roger has an extensive collection of Great War weapons and he will bring along some of his collection to illustrate hi…

'Sniping in the Great War' by Dave Dunham


Dave's talk is a look in detail at "Sniping in the Great War” - focussing predominantly on the German and British perspectives but also looking briefly at other nations too. Dave will be bringing along some period exhibits. Dave is a retired civil servant (ex Department of Transport)  He is a  member of the WFA and a regular visitor to the Wolverh…