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'New Zealand Division in 1918' by Chris Pugsley


About the talk:¬†Chris Pugsley traces the key events in 1918 which forged the New Zealand Division's fearsome reputation on the Western Front as an elite fighting force. As one of the key units in the Third Army, it famously lead an fighting advance over 100 kilometres (67 miles) in 75 days.¬† About the speaker: A former career army officer, Chris P…

The Battle of the Sambre 4 November 1918 by Dr. Derek Clayton


Please note: this a change to our originally published programme for 2018 due to Charles Messenger being unavailable. The Battle of the Sambre, 4 November 1918, was a decisive British victory. The battle has, however, been largely neglected by historians: it was the last large-scale, set-piece battle fought by the British Expeditionary Force on th…

'The British Third Army in the Hundred Days': a talk by Dr Jonathan Boff


This presentation will explore the role of the British Army in the defeat of Germany, with particular reference to General Byng's Third Army during the Hundred Days campaign. Starting from north of Albert on 21 August 1918, the Third Army fought its way across the old Somme battlefield, liberated Bapaume, broke the Hindenburg Line and captured Camb…