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'The Aisne Again: May 1918, the Essence of the Blitzkrieg' by David Blanchard


This year marks the centenary of the Battle of the Aisne which opened on 27 May which resulted in the greatest one-day advance on the Western Front since trench warfare began in September 1914. This was a significant battle that also marked the turning point on the Western Front; according to Sidney Rogerson it was the 'Last of the Ebb'. After this…

The Aisne Again. May 1918 - David Blanchard


The Aisne Again. May 1918 by David Blanchard This talk on the events of attack that fell on the British sector of the front between the 27th May and 1st June 1918, This area had been a French held sector since 1915 and the French had fought one of its major engagements of the war here in 1917, the ill-fated Nivelle Offensive.  The British were als…