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Western Front 100 Seminar


‘The Winning Formula’ will be held at the University of Suffolk in Ipswich Saturday 11th August, starting at 10 am. It will feature the following speakers: Professor Peter Simkins - Men on the Spot - Some BEF Divisional and Brigade Commanders in the Hundred Days Jack Sheldon - The German Army in the Allied Advance Peter Hart - The American…

The Illusion of Victory - America in World War One (1)


By Thomas Flemming ISBN 0-465-02467-X. H/B, 543 pagesIn his inimitable style, Thomas Fleming has written a dramatic story of Presidential hubris in wartime. It is a cautionary tale for any contemporary national leader. It traces the process by which Woodrow Wilson’s disdain for dissident opinions, his naiveté, and his faith in his own rhetoric iso…

'The American Army In The First World War' - A Talk by Tony Taylor-Neale


We welcome Tony Taylor-Neale to the Poppy Lounge at the Royal British Legion, Hornchurch to present hos talk about America forces. There is a suggested entrance donation of £3 and there is also an optional buffet for £1.50   None members of the Assocation are always welcome