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'The Provincial Press and the Outbreak of War - a Unionist View in Worcestershire' with Nick Beeching


Nick Beeching will give a presentation on the unionist coverage by the provincial press in Worcestershire at the outbreak of war.  Read More. Nick Beeching's paper:  The Provincial Press & the Outbreak of War. A Unionist View in Worcestershire.  Volume 39, 2014 Issue 2 The Midlands and the Great War, 1914-1918  

Neither Unionist nor Nationalist. Historian Dr Stephen Sandford talks about the 10th (Irish) Division


Historian Dr. Stephen Sandford talks about his 2014 book, Neither Unionist Nor Nationalist, about the history of the 10th (Irish) Division during the Great War. Ep88: The 10th (Irish) Division