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AGM then 'Women on the Western Front' by Dr. Phylomena Badsey


After the Devon and Cornwall WFA Branch AGM, Dr Phylomena Badsey will give a presentation on Women on the Western Front.   

'From Brandhoek to Camp Bastion' by Jonathan Bell


From Brandhoek to Camp Bastion by Jonathan Bell   The development of battlefield medical services.   IMAGE:  Surgeons at work at a dressing station near Hill 60 on the Ypres Salient. Austrian official photographer, August, 1917, Ypres, West Flanders, Belgium. IWM (E(Aus) 672),

'Grandpa's War' with Susan Burnett


The fascinating story of Norman Woodcock by his granddaughter Susan Burnett. Norman Woodcock joined the Territorial Army aged 17 in January 1914 and was immediately called up on the outbreak of war.  He served on almost every front in the war with the exception of the African campaigns as a signaller Beginning with the ill fated Gallipoli campai…

Frances Hurd: Lives Interuppted - Ten Young Officers in the Great War


An impulse bid online bought Frances a damp and dirty box of Edwardian photographs. Amongst them was one of a hockey team at Sandhurst, dated 1915. Hers is not a 'sports team' project, however, but an exploration of ten families before, during and after the Great War. Five of the men lived and five died: but the survivors as well as all the famili…

SPECIAL OFFER: 'Two Sides of the Same Wrong Penny: Gallipoli and the Western Front: A comparison' edited by Michael LoCicero with contributions from Gary Sheffield, Stephen Chambers and others.


Announcing the launch of the Western Front Association / Helion publication: Two Sides of the Same Wrong Penny: Gallipoli and the Western Front, A Comparison The year 1915 saw the BEF severely challenged on the Western Front. Recovering from the loss of the majority of experienced regulars in 1914, a largely new army had to come to terms with t…

A Sergeant Major’s War. From Hill 60 to the Somme


Ernest Shephard. Edited by Bruce Rossor Published by The Crowood Press ISBN 1 85223 200 5 PB 157 pages £10 to £20 When Ernest Shephard was killed on 11th January 1917, at the “Chalk Pit” so ended this professional soldier’s life and diary. From the moment Ernest a loyal member of the Dorsetshire Regiment entered the war, he wrote his diary. He …

Brothers In War reviewed by Michelle Young


ISBN: 978 0 09 190884 3  SB426pp £7.99 Published by Elbury Press.   Edited by Michael WalshThis book follows the lives of the eight Beechey brothers, sons of a Lincolnshire vicar and his wife. The boys were part of a family of 14 children. The book is based around letters sent to their widowed mother by the boys, the letters having been preserved …

'The BEF: The final verdict': a lecture by Prof John Bourne


Now that the Great War is more than a hundred years behind us, and after five years of centenaries, it is perhaps a good time to reflect on the overall performance of the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front.  The BEF, especially its generals, still has a bleak reputation.  Those seeking examples of military ineptitude often look no fur…

"The Killing of the Iron Twelve 25th February 1915" a talk by Hedley Malloch


In this talk Hedley Malloch will detail how, on 25 February 1915, the Germans shot eleven British soldiers who had been lost during the retreat to the Marne, and one Frenchman, in Guise Chateau after first making them dig their own graves. This the soldiers’ story, one of whom was Fred Innocent from Lenton, Nottingham (his immediat…

'The Last Battle on the Western Front' with Peter Hart


Peter Hart of the IWM will be giving a talk on the 'Last Battle of the Western Front' based on his book 'The Last Battle'.

Prof. Peter Simkins: Up the Sharp End: The Experience of the 12th (Eastern) Division in the Hundred Days, 1918.


Prof. Peter Simkins:  Up the Sharp End: The Experience of the 12th (Eastern)  Division in the Hundred Days, 1918. The 12th (Eastern) Division had a success rate of nearly 70 per cent in its attacks during the BEF's 'Hundred Days' offensive between 8 August and 11 November 1918. In his talk, Professor Peter Simkins will discuss and examine some of …

Sea Soldiers - The Royal Naval Division & Scotland


Dr Andrew Jeffrey   With flags flying and their band playing It’s a long way to Tipperary, 157 men of the Dundee Company, Royal Navy Reserve marched to war in August 1914. If they were expecting to fight a naval battle they were mistaken. When war broke out the Royal Navy had 13,000 reservists for whom it had no ships. These men were formed into …

The Opening and Closing Shots Tour


The Tayside Branch is organising a coach tour to the Western Front in June 2019. The 2019 WFA Tayside  tour to the Western Front takes a look at the less visited and less examined parts of the British and Empire campaign that took place at the beginning and end of the Great War.  First, the period before both sides went to ground in the trenches i…

Two Sides of the Same Bad Penny? Gallipoli and the Western Front, a Comparison


Editor Michael LoCicero Helion, £26.96, hb, 266pp, 22 ills, 4 maps, notes, refs and index. ISBN: 978–191–109–668–9 The sub–title – Gallipoli and the Western Front, A Comparison – suggests a comparative study of various aspects of these two quite different theatres of war. Given that the Gallipoli campaign was relatively short and that fighting o…

Operation REFLECT: What the modern British Army learned from the First World War by Major General Mungo Melvin


When one thinks of lessons from the Great War (1914-1918), most historians would point to the Kirke Report of 1932. Yet the recent centenary commemorations of the First World War provided an opportunity for the modern British Army not only to remember the conflict, but also to study it afresh in order to derive some pertinent lessons for today. Man…