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'With Bill-hook and Stick They Cleared Out the Ditches-Women on the Land in the First World War' A talk by Viv Newman


Following Viv’s recent talk entitled 'Nursing Through Shot and Shell-Medical Women at the Front', she recalls the unsung work of women working on the land. As well as writing articles about women during the First Word War, Viv works closely with military publishers Pen and Sword for their social history imprint. Among her printed works are:-   …

AGM then 'Women on the Western Front' by Dr. Phylomena Badsey


After the Devon and Cornwall WFA Branch AGM, Dr Phylomena Badsey will give a presentation on Women on the Western Front.   

'Women in the Great War' with speaker Caroline Fairclough


Carolin Fairclough of the Welsh Women's Network will give a presentation to the Gwent Branch on women in the First World War.  IMAGES:  A group of female workers move a truck of a clay for the production of silica bricks at a works in South Wales during the First World War. Female workers shovel stone into a furnace at a brickworks.  © 2017 - G…

'We Too Were Soldiers' by Dr Vivien Newman


WAAC workers and Chief Ordnance Office Staff, Rouen 1917   [This article was first published April 2007, Stand To! Pages 38-42]   ‘We Too Were Soldiers’ 1 By Dr Vivien Newman   Viv Newman's long-standing interest in the Great War led, after many years teaching women's war poetry at A level, to a PhD thesis entitled Songs of Wartime Lives: …

The Virago Book of Women & the Great War


Book review by Ann Clayton. I was gratified to see that this collection of women's experiences of the Great War opens with an extract from Beatrice Kelsey's journal which was first published in Stand To! 44. Following this are extracts from the memoirs, journals and letters of dozens of women, many of whose names are well-known to us, such as Vera…

'They Shoot Spies–the untold story of the first female agents' with Dr Viv Newman


Moving beyond the stereotypes of Edith Cavell and Mata Hari, this talk by Dr. Viv Newman explores the lives and actions of two Belgian and one French women whose espionage made a significant contribution to the Allied cause. One is believed to be the only woman, probably the only person, to have been decorated by France, Belgian, Britain AND Germa…

‘British Women on the Western Front’ by Sarah Jane Paterson


Sarah Patterson will be giving a talk on British Women on the Western Front. She is the author of ‘Tracing Your Prisoner of War Ancestors. The First World War. A Guide for Family Historians’ from IWM.   IMAGE: Women carpenters working at the Tarrant Hut Workshops, 3 miles from Calais, 26 June 1916. © IWM

Dr Viv Newman - "Doing Their Bit; Suffragettes, Suffragists and the Great War"


We welcome the return of Dr Viv Newman to Hatfield Peverel to give the latest in her series of presentations about the significant part that women played in the First World War. This talk is entitled "Doing their bit: Suffragettes, Suffragists and the Great War" Please not that this presentation will follow on from the Branch Annual General Meetin…



Following the branch AGM there will be four short talks given by branch members based on their own research and WW1 interests :- Debbie Coupland - Women on the Western Front Paul Humphries - Fronts, Lines and Trenches - a WW1 Battlefield Companion Peter Huxford - Walter Mitty VC Suzanne Make - Jutland graves in Sweden

Standing up to the War Office: Women who refused to 'Go home and sit still' by Dr. Viv Newman


In August 1914 a mere 640 women had a clearly defined wartime role. When the eminent surgeon, Dr Elsie Inglis, offered her professional services to the British Army a senior representative of the RAMC riposted, "Dear Lady, go home and sit still". Derived from her book We Also Served: The Forgotten Women of the First World, this talk by Dr Viv Newma…