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Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic - we are doing our best to supply items as best as we can within the Government's guidelines.

Accepted Orders are:

Clothing - These are  supplied direct from the Manufacturer

Orders on the following items will be accepted as normal as these can be dispatched via Royal Mail Letter Box

Bookmarks, Baseball Caps, WFA Classic Ties, Lapel Badges, Coasters (Special Edition), Mouse Mats, Fridge Magnets, DVDs and WFA 2021 Calendar

The following items will be dispatched on a weekly basis (Dispatched from a Royal Mail Drop off Box) 

WFA Mugs, Messenger Bags, Shoulder Bags and Binders



Mapping the Front DVD Somme squares 57C & 57D

Mapping the Front DVD Somme squares 57C & 57D

This DVD will contain: a) Maps.b) Aerial photographs (where available).c) A standard set of index m…

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