Stand To !  109 : Special Edition


Editor’s Introduction


100th Anniversary of the Third Battle of Ypres

Retirement of David Cohen

Bob Wyatt hands over editor role to David Filsell

From ST 19 and more formally from ST 23 to ST 117 (98 editions)

David Filsell Press & Publicity Officer in 1987


Communication Lines : Letters to the Editor


Australian Electrical and Mechanical Company

Fire on the Ypres Ramparts

The First Tank Action in History ?

Macphereson Myth

John Kipling

Visiting Graves a century after the soldier’s death

1st Essex Memorial Appeal


I continue to love reading Stand To! And consume the articles every time a new edition appears. I’m sure I can speak for the silent majority when I say Stand To! (and the Bulletin) is such an eagerly awaited journal to receive and read. Most of us know bits and pieces of the history about events and places on the Western Front but the articles supplied by contributors always reveals that higher level of detail and knowledge that is very satisfying to add to our own knowledge base. Hence why it is a publication I look forward to seeing appear in my post office box every few months. Damien Finlayson, Victoria, Australia



Tolerating Mysters and Challenging History by Peter Barton


‘Our German Friends Were Quite Friendly’ Christmas with the Canadians on Vimy Ridge - December 1916 by Gordon MacKinnon


Raiders Lost - Now Found The Tyneside Scottish at Armentieres - February 1917 by David Tattersfield


47th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force Casualties at the Battle of Messines 7 -12 June 1917 by Paul Sutton


The Camera Returns (91) by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall


Ypres of Trouble : The Royal Flying Corps and the Third Battle of Ypres by Peter Hart


The First Day of Third Ypres : The 1st Battalion The Prince of Wale’s (North Staffordshire) Regiment by Jim Tanner


The Fifth Grenadiere at Poelkapelle, 20 September 1917 by Sebastian Laudan


9th KOYLI in the Battle of Broodseinde 4 October 1917 by Dr Derek Clayton


Nurses on the Front Line :The Work of Nurses at the Brandhoek Advance Abdominal July - November 1917 by Christine E Hallet


A New Circular to of the Passchendaele Battlefields by Jerry Murland


War Art : A small collection of our favourite works reflecting the Third Battle of Ypres by David and Judith Cohen


Rewarding Sites around the Ypres Salient by Tonie and Valmai Holt


Turnover Amongst Brigade Commanders : The Real Reasons ? by Dr Trevor Harvey


German Gunners of Cambrai by Steve Thornely


German Ground Strafing in the Cambrai Counter-Attack :  Some PoW Accounts by A D Harvey


The ‘Tank Corpse’ of Cambrai : A Century-Old Mysets by John Taylor and Rob Kirk


The Home Base - The UK 1914-1918 by Bob Butcher


Garrison Library

edited by David Filsell


Zero Hour Z Day 1st July 1916: XIII Corps Operations between Maricourt and Mametz  by Jonathan Porter


Churchill and the Dardanelles by Christopher Bell (reviewed by Gary Sheffield)


Wherever the Firing Line Extends by Ronan McGreevy


Ulster Will Fight Vol. 1 Home Rule and the Ulster Volunteer Force 1886-1922 by David R Orr and David Trusedale


Ulster Will Fight Vol. 2 The 36th (Ulster) Division from Formation to the Armistice by David R Orr and David Trusedale


Hear the Boat Song : Oxford & Cambridge Rowers killed in World War I by Nigel McCrerry


Men who Played the Game - Sportsmen Who Gave Their Life in the Great War by Mike Rees


Dauntless Courage on the Somme: Officers of the 19th Divsion who fell at La Boiselle 1-10 July 1916 by Nick Thornicroft


Time to Remember: The Journal of Lance Sergeant William Webb, October 14 - January 16, 2nd Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Seventh Division 1914-1918 by Gerald Buxton


The Vest Pocket Kodak of the First World War by Jon Cooksey


Liaison: General Pierre des Valliers at British General Headquartes, 1916-1917 by Elizabeth Greenhalgh


From the Western Front to Salonika: A French Soldier Writes Home by Catherine Labaume-Howards (ed)


We Are All Flourishing : The Letters and Diary of Captain Walter J J Coats MC 1914-1919 edited by Jan Chojecki and Micahel LoCicero


The Bridge to Air Power: Logistics Support for the Royal Flying Corps Operations on the Western Front, 1914-18 by Peter Dye


Overstrand in the Great War by Tim Bennett


The Half-Penny Curate : A Personal Account of War and Faith 1914-1918 by Sarah Reay


Guilty but Insane: JC Bowen-Colthurst: Villain or Victim? By James W Taylor


Letters from the Trenches - The First World War by Those Who Were There by Jacqueleine Wadsworth


HMS Hampshire : A century of Myths and Mysteries Unravelled edited by James Irvine


Frederick George Scott: The Great War as I Saw It


Shell Shocked Prophets: Former Anglican Army Chaplains in Inter-War Years by Linda Parker


Pass Guard at Ypres by Ronald Gurner


Behind the Lines by W F Morris MC


Roux the Bandit by Andre Chamson


Mr Britling Sees It Through by H G Wells


Into the Blue by Norman Macmillian OBE, MC, AFC


Tell Mum Not to Worry: A Welsh Soldier’s War in the Near East by Rhys David


Poppyganda by Matthew Leonard


For Valour: Canadians and the Victoria Cross by Gerald Gliddon


World War I Fact Book by William Van der Kloot


(World War One source book by Philip Haythornthwaite)


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