Web watching

Letters of Roger Williams Birdseye 1915-17

War Art

All Over by Christmas

Mackmdinke Lads 21 March 1918

Chardin's La Nostalgie du Front

The Shell-Shock Debate

The Camera Returns

All Quiet on the Western Front? Fact or Fiction? Matthew Lucas

A German Postcard Collection

Lt. Walter Scott Griffith

Incidents in the Aisne Valley May-Aug 1918

A Great War web page

Alan and Amy - love story with a happy ending - like Alan and Iris

Mort de Soissons Arthur Martins 17 Sept 1916

The Camera Returns: To the Home Front

AEF Museum, nr Belleauwoof by M Lagin

Gilles Lagin, Manginy-en-Orxois

Books: The Lost Battalion. Thomas M Jackson & Fletcher Prett

US Infantry Weapons of the First World War. Bruce N Crenfield

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