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Jonathan Vernon is a graduate of Balliol College, Oxford, has an MA in Geography, an MA in Open and Distance Education (Open University) and is a graduate of the School of Communication Arts (London). He is studying for an MA in British Military History, first year with the University of Birmingham, second year with the University of Wolverhampton.

He has a career on TV and video production in the UK and France behind him, which developed into creating digital content and was followed by a move to a web agency in 2001. Since 2010 his interest has been in 'Online Learning' in particular. He sits on the Creative Skillset advisory board, and is a mentor at The School of Communications Arts and a Moderator for The Open University, where he also worked at the Business School in 'Online Communications'. 

Like so many, Jonathan's passion and interest in the First World War developed through decades of stories from his late grandfather, John Arthur Wilson MM, who started the war in late 1915 as a private in the Durhamn Light Infantry, was transferred to the Machine Gun Corps in early 1916 and served through the Somme and Third Ypres. At the end of December 1917 he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps and went on to pecome a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force, finally being demobbed in February 1919. He died in late 1992 having attended 75th annivesary events for 'Third Ypres' and the creation of the Royal Air Force.



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