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Further information about these forthcoming tours is available by following the links above. All general enquiries should be directed to Clive Harris at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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    Past WFA Tours held in 2012:

    Bruce Simpson, past Chairman of the WFA, writes:

    When I was Chairman of the WFA, I was often asked "When is the WFA going to undertake tours to the Western Front like we did years ago?" Unfortunately, until 2012, I always had to reply that this was not possible due to the complexities of our charitable status and also because of the commercial risks involved.

    I was therefore absolutely delighted to be able to announce that these matters have been resolved and that things had now changed. From 2012, the WFA, in association with Battle Honours Ltd, a company formed by WFA member Clive Harris, would begin offer a programme of tours specifically for fellow members of The Western Front Association. The programme would take us from 2012 through to the anniversary of the Armistice in 2018.

    Our initial aim was to arrange three or four tours every year between 2012 and the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. (Please bear in mind that those listed below for future years are outline proposals, and the final detail is subject to some modification. Please watch for advertisements in the WFA's monthly eNewsletter, the WFA's Bulletin and here on the WFA website.) These tours will be available to WFA members.

    On behalf of the WFA, Clive has also approached and obtained the acceptance of the following experts in their field to attend and present a lecture to the group on various tours:

    Peter Hart - IWM Sound Archives of the Great War
    Gordon Corrigan - The Indian Soldier at Neuve Chapelle
    Taff Gillingham - Uniforms and Equipment of the Great War
    Philippe Gorczinsky - The Tanks at Cambrai
    Mike St Maur Sheil - Photographing the Old Front Line
    David Cohen - Art and Artists of the Great War
    Jon Nicholls - Author of Cheerful Sacrifice - the Battle of Arras
    Philip Robinson and David Hedges of the Durand Group - Tunnelling in the Great War

    Should there be a request from the membership for tours to other less well-known battlefields, and if there is sufficient support for such tours, then we could also consider, for example, Verdun, The Aisne, The Vosges, Gallipoli, Italy, Palestine and German East Africa. Members who wish to make proposals for alternative tours are encouraged to contact Clive in the first instance (contact details are shown ifor each tour).

    Full details of these tours are always here on the WFA web site, just visit the home page and look for the Tours link.

    Although these tours are endorsed by the WFA, all arrangements and bookings will be through Battle Honours and not the WFA.

    Future proposed tours may include:

    • July 2016 - The Somme 100 years on
    • October 1916 - The Somme 100 years on
    • April 2017 - Arras 100 years on
    • September 2017 - Passchendaele 100 years on
    • March 2018 - Der Tag 100 years on
    • August 2018 - The Advance to Victory 100 years on
    • November 2018 - The Armistice 100 years on

    I, and my colleagues on the WFA's Executive Committee, were delighted to make this new arrangement which enables WFA members to travel to the Battlefields together and gain greater insights into this conflict which fascinates us all. It will also create an even stronger bond between members of our Association and foster the WFA's great sense of camaraderie.

    I am looking forward to hearing more excellent reports of our WFA tours in the coming months and to joining you on as many as I possibly can.

    Bruce Simpson
    Past Chairman







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