Zoom talk by Dr Jenny Macleod on ‘Britishness and Commemoration’
08 Feb

Dr Jenny Macleod is a Senior Lecturer in 20th Century History at the University of Hull. Her books and articles have mainly focused on the relationship between the memory of the First World War and national identity. In her book, Gallipoli: Great Battles (Oxford University Press, 2015) she compared the way the Gallipoli campaign has been remembered and commemorated in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Ireland and Turkey. She studied at the University of Edinburgh and Pembroke College, Cambridge.


‘Britishness and Commemoration’. In the wake of the terrible losses in the First World War, vast numbers of war memorials were created. Among these were national memorials in Edinburgh, Dublin and Cardiff. In London, rather than a national memorial, the Cenotaph and the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior stood for all the Empire's dead. These memorials tell us interesting things about the relationship between Britishness and English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh identity as it was perceived in the inter-war period. More recently, decisions in Canada, Australia and New Zealand to inter their own Unknown Warriors indicates some developments in the loosening ties of the British world.


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08 Feb 2023 19:00