'Gloucestershire and the Somme' a talk by Bob Brunsdon
13 Jun

Bob Brunsdon's presentation commemorates the county's association with the Battle of the Somme through the stories of individual soldiers from the county who fought there, both on the First Day and in subsequent operations.

Through their experiences, we will also examine the role of various battalions of the Gloucestershire Regiment in this long and historic battle, not least that of the 8th Battalion under the leadership of the charismatic Adrian Carton de Wiart.


Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart. IWM Collections. © IWM (Q 68300)

The 12th Brn Gloucestershire Regiment advance near Morval on the Somme on 3 September, 1916. 

National Star College, Ullenwood, Cheltenham, GL53 9QU
13 Jun 2017 19:30