`Impact of the economic blockade on Germany AFTER the armistice -- By Graham Kemp
04 Feb

Impact of the economic blockade on Germany AFTER the armistice and how it led  to WW2. Our speaker will cover the following 

The blockade was maintained for eight months after the Armistice in November 1918, into the following year of 1919. According to the New Cambridge Modern History food imports into Germany were controlled by the Allies after the Armistice with Germany until Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles in June 1919. From January 1919 to March 1919, Germany refused to agree to the demand by the Allies that Germany surrender its merchant ships to Allied ports to transport food supplies. Germans considered the armistice a temporary cessation of the war. They feared that, if fighting broke out again, the ships would be confiscated outright. In January, hoping to buy time, the German government notified an American representative in Berlin that the shortage of food would not become critical until late spring. Facing food riots at home, German finally agreed to surrender its fleet on 14 March 1919. The Allies allowed Germany, under their supervision, to import 300,000 tons of grain and 70,000 tons of cured pork per month until August 1919. ] In April this food from America arrived in Germany.] The restrictions on food imports were finally lifted on 12 July 1919 after Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles.


                                                                                           Speaker this month -- Dr Graham Kemp

Dr Kemp is an assistant manager and tour guide at Lancaster Castle. He is also an amateur naval historian who has researched the Allied blockade for the past forty years, and has given many talks on the Great War. He has amassed a large library on the War, from which he draws his research for his most popular talk on the impact of the Blockade. Dr Kemp is the chairman of the North Lancs. Western Front Association

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04 Feb 2020 19:30