The Casualty Evacuation Chain from Hill 60 - By David Blanchard
05 Dec

The Casualty Evacuation Chain from Hill 60, Ypres, in early 1915


 This talk is the story of Field Ambulances of the 28th and 5th Division and the medical facilities they founded to cope with the growing numbers of wounded from February 1915 until the gas attack of early May. The origin of this talk was an investigation into the construction and development of Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm) during the Great War. David quickly realised that to tell the full story of the cemetery, it was necessary to explain the casualty evacuation chain from Hill 60. The majority of the men buried at Railway Dugouts died of wounds in the Advanced Dressing Station. This was set up in dugouts under the adjacent railway line near to Transport Farm. He will then look at the zone of evacuation east of Ypres and how it developed in early 1915 as the trench line in the salient solidified during this period.  It is also the story of some of the most visited cemeteries near Ypres: Larch Wood, Bedford House and Ramparts Cemetery, Ypres.  



David is am a published author- ‘The Aisne Battle, 1918’ Pen & Sword (2015) and retired history teacher and school Battlefield guide. Originally from Peterlee, County Durham he I now lives near Haworth, West Yorkshire.


Chesterfield Labour Club, 113 Saltergate, Chesterfield, S40 1NF
05 Dec 2023 19:30