Welcome… …

to the March 2021 edition of our magazine Reveille.

We hope that you have all had some good winter months and are keeping well. As a committee we have been discussing when and where we might be able to meet again. If all goes to plan with vaccinations and the opening up of venues, we should have some semblance of normality by the end of June or the beginning of July. We think that the earliest we can possibly meet is September 2021. We also think that our last venue The Guild Ale House may be too small a room for our meetings given the possibility that people may still want or need to spread out more.

There are a number of options. For example, the Stanley Arms on Lancaster Road (not far from the Guild) also has an upstairs room for hire which is larger and they can also provide catering should we need it. The bar is not as good as the Guild, but still has a decent range of beers. The Harris Museum and Art Gallery has a number of rooms with great space. It would also provide a cultural ambience but unfortunately no bar. The rooms are also expensive which would necessitate us having a larger audience (or to put up door donations) to be worthwhile.

So, what is your opinion on where we should pitch up? Do you think having more space is a good idea? Could you live without a bar? If we moved to a place like the Harris, would you be prepared to make a larger donation, say a fiver? What speakers would you like to see and subjects covered? All opinions are valid, so let us know!

As ever we are also seeking contributions to this magazine. Any articles should be sent to Charlie by email. We are looking to produce the next issue at the end of May or early June.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the magazine. We have articles by Geoff Aldridge MA, Stan Grosvenor MA, Peter Sullivan, William Bradshaw and Adam Cree.

Best wishes from Charlie, Stan and Trudy.